Hello! I’m Fiona Marchbank (known online as FionaCreates) I’m an Illustrator and Comics artist/writer working in Yorkshire UK.

Ladies of the Knight is my ongoing comic which I both write and illustrate, and I have worked for clients including Disney and Tapas in both illustration and comics.

I specialise in working in historic-style fantasy illustration using contemporary narrative and techniques, though I am also known to enjoy drawing birds, moths and other wildlife! Colour is my favourite thing to play with, both challenging what colours can be used comfortably in combinations, and how the colour interacts with various surfaces and textures. I work primarily in Clip Studio on iPad.

I’m available for both private and commerical Commissions.

email: marchbank.f@googlemail.com

Want to see more and keep up to date?

newsletter: fionacreates.substack.com

twitter: @fiona_creates

instagram: @fiona_creates

tumblr: @fionacreates

mastodon: mastodon.art@fionacreates