Serafina is the best knight in the league, almost, and she’s doing just fine thanks, too bad others don’t agree and saddle her with an enthusiastic, but wholey unsuited squire. With some appearances from glamerous rivals, moody horses, exasparated wives and one delightful BFF

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Ladies of the Knight is represented by Michaela Whatnall of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret


Available for preorder now – Release: May 2, 2023
Written by Serena Valentino and illustrated by: Fiona Marchbank

Serena Valentino’s New York Times best-selling Disney Villains series comes to life in this graphic novel adaptation of the book that started it all in this tragic tale of love and loss, the untold story of Snow White’s Evil Queen.

Sal is a witch who propogated too many houseplants infused with magic. To empty out the house (and appease the housemates) Sal now sells them at a market stall, slowly being engulfed by charmed green friends.

La Sal de Plante is an ongoing short form slice of (magical) life comic.

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A short comic in collaboration with Cecil Castelucci to accompany the opera The Language of Flowers

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